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Sophie Young 840X530


Sophie Young

My role

Operations Manager

I’m Operations Manager at NSCG. I work to ensure that our systems and infrastructure supports our consultants work, to be able to provide our clients with a great service.

About me heading

Sophie Young 840X530 Sophie Young 840X530

I have worked for Interim Partners at NSCG in many different roles, from Executive Assistant to Operations Manager. This has given me different perspectives from within the business; from the everyday queries our Practise Coordinators and Executive Assistants receive to understand the benefits the IT changes we’ve made to improve our consultants tools.

I love a handwritten list, but be careful to stick to one list or update it regularly. Writing this out also helps me to prioritise and work through effectively.

I'm really loving the Not Another Crime Podcast as they walk through various unsolved crimes or high profile cases. (My degree is in Criminology and Psychology - so this is right up my street!)