Diversity, equity, and inclusion

The business case for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a given. As is the morale one. The challenge is how to fully embed it into the DNA of your organisation, so that progress is enduring.

We believe that this can only be achieved through mindful and concerted action- by design, not default.

We work with organisations to place DEI front and centre of organisational and people strategies. We move beyond focusing on protected characteristics and help leaders think intentionally about how their behaviours, mindsets and their management practices support a diverse workforce and foster a culture of trust, engagement, inclusiveness, and collaboration.

We don’t just diagnose what you could do better - although we can do this. We work with you to develop a clear plan of action and then work alongside you to help to deliver the changes.

When we can help

Our team partners with organisations, whatever stage they’re at, to unlock the power of DEI. You can engage with us for all aspects of your DEI strategy and execution – or just in the areas you want additional support.

Develop your people

Know your market

We provide you with the insights and expertise that lets you identify, hire and retain diverse talent. We do this through core areas of talent intelligence: talent insight, talent pooling and talent research.

Know your starting point

Knowing how your current organisational, people and DEI strategies are performing is key to making sure you’re attracting and retaining the best talent available.

Develop your practices

Processes and practices are often clouded by unconscious biases that prevent your organisations from being truly inclusive. We help you take a fresh look at your people strategy and practices to ensure they’re promoting a diverse and inclusive culture. We can:

  • Work with you to develop an integrated people strategy where DEI is not an add on but is fully integrated into your end-to-end talent processes
  • Work alongside you to support and develop an DEI strategy that stakeholders engage with and own at the highest level
  • Help set up staff networks that are seen as an asset and have an input into policy development

Develop your people

Being inclusive is not down to HR or recruitment teams. It’s everyone’s responsibility from the CEO down. We can work with your people to ensure they are trained and conscious of their impact and the role they play in creating inclusive cultures, no matter where they sit in the organisation. That’s why we offer:

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