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We’re a people advisory firm that helps you find assess, build and accelerate teams and leaders who are as good in practice as they are on paper.

That’s why the first question we always ask is: do you have the right people doing the right things? We’ll make sure the answer is ‘yes’ – especially when it comes to your most critical roles. Everyone here is an industry expert, which means we can tailor our solutions to any challenge your C-suite is facing. Solutions like finding great leaders. Developing strong talent pipelines. And building high-performing, flexible teams with all the right skills. Whatever your business, we’ll make it our business.

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It’s people that power the world

Empathy. Leadership. Instinct. Courage. Passion. Commitment. Those are the qualities that make a business. And there’s no bot, app or algorithm that matches them.


Partner with us and we’ll help you attract, assess, build, and develop teams and leaders who are as good in practice as they are on paper. People who share your vision. And people with the passion to take your business further.


From talent acquisition to leadership development, financial services to the public sector, everyone here is an expert in something. We’ll tailor our team to match the challenge you’re facing. Without an identikit solution in sight.


Is your board as effective as it needs to be? Do you have the skills to promote internally, or is it better to look outside? Is an interim leader the answer to making your next transformation run smoothly? Our market intelligence will tell you. Those answers don’t come from staring at screens. We get out and talk to people in your business and industry. It’s the same personal approach you’ll see in everything we do. Because nothing beats the right conversation.


Great leaders. Strong talent pipelines. High-performing, flexible teams with all the right skills. And us. A partner who gets you. We’ll give our all to help you shine.

Our purpose & values

Our purpose is simple: We are in tenacious pursuit of better.

Better workplaces, better hiring, better leaders, better working lives.

This is backed by our company values that underpin absolutely everything we do at NSCG.

We're constantly curious

Things change, challenges emerge, opportunities arise. We believe that that’s where breakthroughs happen. It’s why we don’t settle for same.

We’re curious about what could be, open to possibility, ready to experiment, to adapt, to move.

It means we’ve courageous enough to fail if that means the lessons learned help us better serve and delight our clients, candidates and each other.

People first. Always

We believe it’s people that power the world.

Power that’s amplified when people with different ideas, voices and perspectives come together.

Power that’s fuelled when people are trusted to crack on, to do what they’re best at.

When people come before process and collective success comes before personal profit.

We put people first. Always.

We dream big and make it real

For our clients, candidates and for each other.

We stand against thinking small, mediocrity, averageness and settling.

We push to get the very best outcome. We challenge when we need to never settling for the quick fix if there’s a better way or bigger problem to solve.

We’re bold, brave and brilliant when it comes to dreaming big and making it real

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