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Hiring the right leaders can make or break a business. Especially now when a turbulent and fast-changing landscape is the norm. They define the culture. Determine the growth and future of a business. And set the standard for those that look to them for direction and strategy.

Whether you’re looking for a CEO in global professional services, a CHRO renowned for scaling up tech start-ups, an MD experienced in SME turnarounds or a CFO experienced in launching into regulated markets, we can help. We’ve got decades of experience to draw on, spanning every sector and every discipline, to find the right leaders to power your business.

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An intelligence-driven approach with a human touch

We know you don’t want any leader. You want the right leader. Our goal is to help you find leaders that have what it takes to drive your company’s success.

That’s where our expertise comes into its own. We start by determining what goals the leader needs to deliver. We dig deep and challenge what a good leader would look like. And what a great leader would look like. And what your employer value proposition is for someone in that role.

Once we know what is needed we make sure we leave no stone unturned to find the right potential people for you. We can tap into our dedicated research team who have a range of BI and research tools at their fingertips. And our industry teams with deep sector knowledge and unrivalled networks work together to introduce perspective from outside your sector when needed giving you fresh, diverse thinking and options.

It’s a stringent, comprehensive approach. And one that has proven to work. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 96% of roles we work on get successfully filled
  • 95% of candidates places are still in their role one year on
  • 99% of clients are satisfied with the process and outcome as are 98% of candidates.

Why choose us for executive search?

We’ve got the insight
Whether it’s competitor research, market analysis or performance benchmarking, we’ve got all the best insight and benchmarking tools to help find the answers. And the expertise to make sure you’re asking the right questions too.

We can predict performance
Our team of leadership assessment experts can use a tailored selection of tools, techniques and behavioural science to predict future performance in the role and see how aligned potential leaders are to your culture. This process gives you the precise insights you need to pick the perfect person to power your performance.

We’re committed to diversity and inclusion
Diversity and inclusion is embedded throughout our search process. We’re signed up to the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms which lays out steps for search firms to follow from accepting a brief through to final induction. In the latest analysis of our performance in this area, we were rated highly.

We’ve got the expertise and connections
From behavioural scientists to challenges in the manufacturing sector, from board advisors to regulated markets everyone here is an expert in something. It means we can bring our experience, expertise and connections to bear to find, assess and hire the right leader for any situation.

We care
We never treat people like numbers on a spreadsheet or pawns in a process. We pride ourselves on offering a premium high-touch experience for clients and candidates. We know what brilliant people in the right roles can do. It’s why we only hire and develop the best people for ourselves – and why we’re completely committed to doing the same for you.

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