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Use expert judgement informed by data to identify the right leaders for you

We know you don’t want just any leaders. You want the right leaders. Getting that right can be the difference between business success or failure. Our goal is to help you know which leaders have what it takes to drive your organisation's success.

Our leadership assessments give you objective, in-depth, actionable insights so you can make informed decisions about who to hire and identify which employees have the highest potential for success.

Predict future performance

Our assessment methodology is where our expertise comes into its own. We start by determining the specific organisational goals your leaders need to deliver. Then we combine sophisticated market intelligence and benchmarking data to build a profile of quality candidates and create a framework for the assessment process.

We use a mix of tools including interviews, 360-degree feedback, psychometrics and simulations to produce a rich pool of data. We go beyond behaviour and personality to investigate motivations and purpose to see how well aligned a candidate is to your culture and how suited they are to the challenges they would face. We then apply behavioural science to the data to give us a prediction of their future performance so we can give you clear recommendations on their potential.

It’s a unique blend of art and science. And an approach that really works. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 95% of leaders placed are still in perm roles after one year
  • 98% of our clients say our executive assessments deliver an ROI
  • 96% of our clients would recommend us to others

Why choose us for your leadership assessment?

We’re a safe pair of hands, but we’ll never play it safe
Our assessment experts have got years of experience behind them. Over 10,000 assessments and counting. It gives us the confidence to challenge when we need to – to make sure we solve the right problem for you.

We’ll meet you where you are
If you want a stand-alone assessment for a potential leader we can help. If you want a comprehensive assessment solution that accelerates your broader talent strategy we can help with that too. Our assessment teams have the skill to apply their expertise to any situation on any scale.

We nail our colours to the mast
We don’t just deal in data. We provide predictions too. We know insights are useful but we know recommendations are what gives you the edge. Our behavioural scientists use all of the tools at their fingertips to give you predictions of future performance so you can make decisions with confidence.

We never make people feel like a number
Our consultants speak to your people at their level – human to human. We make sure people feel prized not processed, protecting your employer brand every step of the way.

A modern approach with a human touch
We know when to trust tools and algorithms, and when to call on personal experience. At a time when so many confuse convenience for competence, we won’t settle for a one-click, one-size-fits-all solution. After all, when you’re making people decisions, it’s all about ‘the one’ – not ones and zeroes.

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