Interim management

Flexible interim services to solve your biggest challenges

Interim leaders are playing an ever-increasing role in organisations.

Sometimes it’s to plug short-term skills gaps. More often it’s to lead change and drive transformation. Either way, we have the experience, expertise and networks to help.

As the UK's no.1 interim service provider, no one is better placed to support your interim management needs

Our approach to interim management

We make it our business to get to know yours
We do it by asking the right questions, understanding your goals and your culture. We dig deep and challenge what a good interim leader would look like and how they would differ from a great one. Once we know what is needed, we leave no stone unturned to find the right people for you.

We’ve got the expertise…and the connections
Our sector teams have deep industry knowledge and unrivalled networks. Our people-first approach means we know our interim community inside out. Yes, we know their unique skill sets, achievements and areas of expertise but we also know their motivations and the personal chemistry they bring to the table. Because it’s the details that drive the difference.

Breaking down barriers
Our sector teams work together to introduce perspective from outside your sector when needed giving you fresh thinking, diverse talent and the highest odds of finding the person that will power your performance.

An approach that works

At a time when so many interim recruiters confuse convenience for competence, we won’t settle for a fastest finger first or a quick click and send approach. After all, when you’re hiring, it’s all about ‘the one’ – not just anyone.

It’s an approach that works. And one that our clients and interims love. It’s just one of the reasons we’re ranked as the no.1 provider of interim management in the Institute of Interim Management's annual survey.

Why choose us as your interim recruiter?

Extensive expertise, strong sector knowledge and an unrivalled community of interim leaders are a given. It’s those little extras that make the big difference.

We focus on a new ROI, The Return on Interim
Finding the right interim leader is only the start. Good outcomes are not enough. Great outcomes are what you need. Our unique ROI methodology and accompanying app helps you determine what great looks like and lets you track and quantify the value the interim leader delivers throughout their assignment.

We’re constantly connected
We’re out there every day talking to our clients and interims. They’re not just CVs in a database to us. We know who’s currently available, who’s engaged on a project and who is taking some time out. When a brief comes up, we’re able to identify the right person with the right expertise with the right personality. And with the right availability. We can get you the right person fast.

We predict performance
For the most senior or business-critical roles, our leadership assessment experts can use a tailored selection of tools, techniques and behavioural science to predict an interim’s future performance in the role and see how aligned they are to your culture. This process gives you the precise insights to pick the perfect person to power your performance.

We’ve got the size
Not so big you’re left feeling like a number. Not so small every move feels risky. The team you meet are the ones who’ll be by your side as we work together. And we’re only ever a phone call away.

We care
We never treat people like numbers on a spreadsheet or pawns in a process. We pride ourselves on offering a premium high-touch experience for clients and candidates. We know what brilliant people in the right roles can do. It’s why we only hire and develop the best people for ourselves – and why we’re completely committed to doing the same for you.

Seven common myths about interim management

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