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Mark Robinson


Mark Robinson

My role

Digital Marketing Manager

As the group's digital marketing manager, my remit covers all aspects of our digital strategy, from the website and social, to webinars, email communications, SEO and PPC. Im responsible for supporting the team through the use of our digital tools to achieve our commercial objectives.

About me heading

Mark Robinson Mark Robinson

“In the talented future... the need for human capital will remain strong, even as AI takes over many roles. Education will need to become a life-long pursuit and businesses and governments need to think about how they will support their people to be able to upskill later in life.”

I now have 10 years experience in digital marketing under my belt, but my interest in data and the possibilities it brings dates back to my primary school days. I have a wide and varied set of transferrable skills that I've picked up throughout my career - with experience working in continuous improvement, operations, digital marketing, events and promotions roles.


I support decision making by providing actionable insights from a range of data available through the tools I have available to me as part of my role. Part of my role is to provide a range of tools and templates to help our team achieve their goals and I'm continually looking for ways to automate and improve the efficiency of communications and other processes.

Take a break - it might seem counter intuative, but taking a proper break before you start to feel tired or fatigued actually helps to improve productivity. My favourite way to do this is a gym session at lunch time - it makes me feel more energised for the rest of the afternoon.