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CEOs and board members face more new complex challenges and opportunities than the generation of leaders that came before them, and under much more scrutiny. Getting it right is the lifeblood of the business. Increasingly the success of an organisation is defined by the CEO and the board.

It’s why there’s a real urgency for firms to find exceptional CEOs and board members with the right expertise and experience that can deliver their goals.

That’s what we’re experts in.

Whether it’s permanent chief executive officers, interim CEOs or interim board directors, our team works with some of the largest global firms, specialist consultancies, public sector organisations and PE-backed ventures to find the right leaders fast. We find proven C-suites leaders that combine vision, commercial acumen and an ability to rally people behind change. People that can make a difference from day one. And we find them fast.

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We use our deep function knowledge, unrivalled networks and dedicated research team to leave no stone unturned to find the right leaders for you. And when something different is needed, our industry teams work together to introduce perspective from outside the sector giving you fresh, diverse thinking and options.

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Interim CEOs and board members - experts when you need them

Whether it’s plugging a short-term leadership gap, adding in expertise to deliver large-scale transformation or increasing capacity to reach strategic goals at crunch points, we’re experts in finding the right interim leaders that can make a difference from day one.

An interim CEO can help ensure your organisation continues to operate without disruption. This could be as part of a long-term succession strategy – providing ongoing leadership and strategic thinking until a new permanent appointment is found.

Or it could be during times of turmoil and crisis. In such cases, the interim CEO can come in and steer an organisation through challenging circumstances.

Or it could be during times of change when an interim CEO can bring added expertise to deliver large-scale transformation or increase capacity to reach strategic goals at crunch points,

Whatever the driver, our interim CEOs and board members are outcome-oriented leaders who work at pace. They’ll quickly add value and take full responsibility for business-critical issues at the very top of organisations, irrespective of size or sector.

Executive search – Find CEOs and board members to power your business

We know you don’t want any leader. You want the right leader. Our goal is to help you find leaders that have what it takes to drive your company’s success.

That’s where our expertise comes in. We start by determining what goals the leader needs to deliver. We dig deep and challenge what a good leader would look like. And what a great leader would look like. And what your employer value proposition is for someone in that role.

Once we know what is needed, we make sure we leave no stone unturned to find the right people for you. We can tap into our dedicated research team who have a range of business intelligence and research tools at their fingertips. And our industry teams with deep sector knowledge and unrivalled networks work together to identify diverse options of who will deliver these goals.

Our team of leadership assessment experts can use a tailored selection of tools, techniques and behavioural science to predict future performance in the role and see how aligned potential leaders are to your culture. This process gives you the precise insights you need to pick the perfect person to power your performance.

It’s a stringent, comprehensive approach. And one that has proven to work again and again.

Who we work with

FTSE 250 & global corporations
For established corporations, an interim CEO is well-placed to come in with a fresh pair of eyes – especially in times of crisis. From potential M&As to sudden departures of top-level team members, interim c-suite appointments can offer major benefits.

Medium-sized enterprises / private equity portfolio companies
Continuity of leadership isn’t the only pressure point for businesses of this size. Disruptive technology, accelerating growth, changing customer loyalty, regulatory compliance and the urgency to transform are all top of the agenda. An interim CEO or board member can provide strong, capable leadership to help organisations keep up with the pace of change, especially at points of transition.

Start-ups / venture capital-backed businesses
While many start-up organisations aspire to major success in the long run, not all are equipped to achieve it. By bringing in an interim CEO or board member, fledgling organisations can feel the benefit of a highly skilled individual who can facilitate growth. Interim board members may also enhance the external credibility of a start-up to open new partnerships.

Public sector and not for profit bodies
The public sector faces the long-term challenge of doing more with less. Digital transformation, a move to self-service, outsourcing and an increased focus on the way services are delivered and their community impact all call for the proven operations experience that an interim operations director can deliver A great interim operations director experienced in this sector can help with these challenges as well as bring an understanding of opportunities for new ways of delivering frontline services.

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