Why SAI?

Effective selling either face-to-face, on the telephone, or online requires a distinct set of skills and behaviours.

The best sellers seek to influence outcomes, adding value through the sales process. Top performers also identify with the profession, are focused on the customer, and appreciate business guidelines. Pinpointing candidates with these distinct characteristics is therefore crucial for the survival in today's competitive environment.

The SAI ensures you select and retain the best sellers and reduces the risks associated with hiring new staff. It can cut the time and money spent on recruitment and helps increase the performance of existing employees.
Reliable data on a candidate's motivations and approach to selling can be difficult to obtain from interview and work history alone, and that is where the SAI can help. It provides insight into hard to gather personality traits yet requires no psychological expertise.

Key features of the SAI include:

  • Simple grading system for comparing candidates
  • Expert interpretation of the candidate's profile
  • Based on the behaviours that predict success
  • Developed in conjunction with a range of sales organisations
  • Applicable to any role where there is a significant need to persuade, negotiate or sell products or services
  • Administered online in just 20 minutes

SAI reports are available immediately and give a quick, accurate and in-depth snapshot of a candidate's style of selling. Respondents are compared with hundreds of applicants from a range of sales roles. A 5-point grading scheme shows the candidate's score on key scales and indicates whether they have tried to manipulate their responses. Reports also include a written interpretation of the candidate's profile and suggested interview probes.

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