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The infrastructure, real estate and construction sectors quite literally underpin the whole of the economy. From providing the necessary framework for economic activities, enhancing connectivity and accessibility, and attracting investment, it's crucial for sustaining economic growth and reducing regional disparities.

But the sector is facing huge challenges including the need to replace an aging infrastructure, limited funding, climate change resilience, and the integration of digital solutions. Overcoming these challenges is crucial to ensure a competitive and resilient economy for the future.

Finding the right leaders with the right expertise and experience that can make a difference from day one is key to driving.

That’s where our expertise comes in. Whether it’s permanent executives or interim leaders, our infrastructure and built environment team find and connect great people that deliver results fast to some of the largest players in the sector including governing bodies, investors, consultancies, utilities, construction, house builders and engineering companies.

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We use our deep sector knowledge, unrivalled networks and dedicated research team to leave no stone unturned to find the right leaders for you. And when something different is needed, our industry teams work together to introduce perspective from outside the sector giving you fresh, diverse thinking and options.

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