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Top athletes benefit from a coach. So do top leaders

Whilst directors typically have strong business skills, executive coaching can fine-tune their ability and identify the subtle shifts that will have the greatest positive impact on their own performance, and that of their teams.

We will say the truth to power.

Coaching provides an objective sounding board, along with fresh ideas, support and challenge. The right coach can encourage leaders to take the space to think different, step outside of their comfort zone and identify changes that will help catalyse organisational transformation.

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We use a blend of art and science to create powerful conversations

The most impactful time to use our coaches is when:

  • Transitioning to a new organisation or role.
  • Moving into a larger, broader or more complex leadership role.
  • Seeking to apply a new style of leadership.
  • When implementing significant change
  • When a leader is seeking to raise their own performance or that of an existing team.
  • When there is a need for an impartial expert to hold up the mirror.

As with top athletes, coaching can make the marginal difference between good and great. It can accelerate growth and development and boost personal and business performance.

Why choose us for executive coaching?

We’re a safe pair of hands but will never play it safe

Our executive coaches have got years of business and coaching experience behind them. They’ve walked a mile (and usually a marathon!) in the leader’s shoes so offer real-world insight, support and thinking. They’ve got the confidence and credibility to constructively challenge to make sure we’re getting to the very heart of the change needed to get the very best results.

We put people first
Empathy. Leadership. Instinct. Courage. Passion. Commitment. Those are the qualities that make a great leader and a great business. And there’s no bot, app or algorithm that matches them. It’s why we pride ourselves on offering a premium, people-first, high-touch experience. No delegation. No AI. Simply a world-class coach giving you their full attention and commitment from start to finish.

We focus on better outcomes

Good outcomes are not enough. Great outcomes are what you need - for the leader and the business. Our methodology helps determine what great looks like by asking the right questions- of the coachee and their leader to make sure we’re really addressing the key areas that will make the most difference to personal and organisational performance. And we monitor momentum, tracking progress at key milestones along the way, drawing in feedback from others and psychometric profiling if needed.

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