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The risk of getting it wrong can be significant when it comes to strategic, executive, or niche recruitment. Failing to recruit the right calibre and skills when needed can negatively impact short, medium, and long-term business plans.

For NSCG, this is where Talent Intelligence can make a significant impact on the success of an organisation.

We know that Talent Intelligence can provide the platform to help you understand why your recruitment strategies and activities may not produce the desired results.

We understand how Talent Intelligence can perform like a profit centre to help drive revenue across the functions within your business.


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What is Talent Intelligence?

Talent Intelligence is a strategic activity that can provide the foresight or insight to support recruitment strategies or resolve talent problems. Talent Intelligence is an agile and cost-effective tool that can offer insight and value that would otherwise be invisible or ignored during a standard recruitment cycle. For business owners and leaders, Talent Intelligence is often the missing piece that allows them to see the complete picture.


What problems does Talent Intelligence solve?
Our Talent Intelligence service comprises three areas of specialism and expertise; talent research, talent pooling and talent insight.

Used independently or in combination, these three core strands can help you to make informed and strategic recruitment decisions that can help you gain a competitive advantage and drive business performance.

Attracting, recruiting and retaining employees can cause ongoing problems and frustrations, often traced back to a lack of knowledge or insight into the marketplace drivers and trends.

Understanding local employment environments, candidate needs and requirements, benchmarking local salary levels and conducting competitor analysis can significantly improve results when used to define a recruitment strategy.

Talent research

Our talent research team has helped clients to understand why recruitment campaigns have failed. Through detailed research and analysis, we’ve identified why clients have struggled to attract the type of candidate they desire. We’ve helped them understand why they may not be attractive to candidates or whether the type of candidate they seek exists.

This informed approach allows clients to tailor their requirements to keep ahead of their competitors, build and maintain a compelling employer brand and maximise success with their recruitment requirements.

Our confidential and comprehensive talent research can help.

We can help you with:

  • Understanding the market or role that you need to hire in
  • Talent mapping
  • Niche talent identification
  • Talent benchmarking
  • Using research to understand where things have gone wrong and solving the problem

Talent pooling

Our talent pooling team is often retained by clients to investigate and assess the candidate landscape in preparation for recruitment strategies or campaigns. As employer brand ambassadors for our clients, our talent pooling team will proactively approach candidates to assess their suitability and interest for future client roles. The team will maintain contact with relevant candidates to ensure they are primed, informed and interested when roles become available.

This proactive approach to candidate sourcing and vetting gives clients a far greater chance of successfully filling their vacancies with the desired calibre of candidate and in the shortest time possible – both for immediate and future needs.

This includes:

  • Building talent pools
  • Making multiple hires in the same job family
  • Succession planning
  • Proactive recruitment
  • Engaging candidates on an ongoing basis

Talent insight

Talent insight provides the benefit of our knowledge, experience and expertise to assist you in making decisions around talent.

In partnership, we’ll help you understand how to best deliver talent solutions to meet your business strategies and objectives through our informed research, analysis and recommendations.

The insight gained will provide you with the confidence and guidance to conduct well-reasoned and powerful recruitment campaigns that deliver immediate return on investment.

This could be looking at:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand perceptions
  • Diversity & inclusion analysis
  • Talent pool analysis
  • Pay & reward benchmarking
  • Location analysis


What are the benefits of Talent Intelligence?

The real benefit of Talent Intelligence is success.

The information and insight that Talent Intelligence brings help us to help you execute compelling recruitment campaigns that reduce the time taken to fill strategic or challenging positions.

The breadth and depth of our research allow you to hone in on the best talent available, improving the quality of your hires.
As ambassadors for your organisation, our foresight and expertise enable us to promote your employer brand and employee value proposition and enhance your business's reputation as an employer of choice.

The advantages you gain through knowledge and insight, brand elevation and elite talent exposure will undoubtedly foster performance improvements, deliver on strategic goals and drive growth, revenue and success.


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Case study: How indepth talent insight strengthens hiring decisions

Knowledge and insight prevent budgets being wasted. They strengthen decision making. And, they give employers the edge over competitors in tight markets. As our client discovered, a small investment at project’s inception has a big impact on the end result.

  • In-depth analysis of 10 UK regions and 12 job profiles for major recruitment drive
  • Data and insight translated into strategic and tactical recommendations
  • Hiring metrics achieved in support of telecoms roll-out to 50+ towns and cities

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Why use NSCG for Talent Intelligence?

At NSCG, we never stop learning.

Our Talent Intelligence service is continually developed from what we learn through our ongoing conversations with the market, with our colleagues across NSCG and with our clients.

We use those experiences and lessons to benefit our future clients.

Talent Intelligence sits at the heart of our commitment to giving our clients every possible advantage in their search for the best talent. We know Talent Intelligence is hugely impactful; we’ve provided it for many clients and witnessed its results.

For us, Talent Intelligence represents the difference between good and outstanding outcomes.

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