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Talent intelligence

Harness talent intelligence to meet your objectives

Our talent intelligence team offers you an unrivalled level of insight into your chosen area of focus. Using our data-led approach, we provide insights and expertise to inform your talent strategy and ensure it is aligned with your business goals.

We’ve developed an innovative methodology that challenges the way you think about talent and how to source it, enabling your organisation and your people to fulfil their potential.

The proven methodology behind talent intelligence

Our talent intelligence offering is unique. It uses a blend of online data analysis aggregated from various sources combined with detailed intelligence gathering conversations. The result is an in-depth, accurate and timely insight into your chosen area of focus.

It means we can offer clear, concise recommendations to your strategy allowing you to make smarter, more efficient decisions that will benefit your organisation both on an individual level and as a whole.

From FTSE100 organisations through to SMEs, we’ve helped business better understand their challenges and opportunities to make more informed decisions.

When to use talent intelligence

Our talent intelligence offering can deliver significant value when applied across a number of contexts, such as the following:

  • When you need to support business growth, change or transformation.
  • When you need to benchmark your business against the rest of the market in terms of salary, reward, talent, strategies, best practice or anything else.
  • When you need to access a wider talent pool, including niche skill sets, repeat recruitment and greater diversity.
  • When you are entering a new market, a different location or are looking to access different talent pools.

Thanks to our talent insights, pooling and research we can offer a holistic service that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s every need.

Our talent intelligence services

Our talent intelligence offering is comprised of three major parts: talent insight, talent pooling and talent research. You can find out more about what each service entails below.

Talent insight

In order to maximise your access to the talent pipeline, you need detailed research and understanding. Talent insight delivers exactly that, and that will help you to make informed business decisions.

Through in-depth analysis, we can draw accurate conclusions and subsequently make sound recommendations for your organisation. Examples of talent insight projects include:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand perceptions and employee value proposition
  • Diversity and inclusion analysis
  • Talent pool analysis
  • Salary and reward benchmarking
  • Location analysis
  • Best practice analysis

Talent pooling

It might be that your organisation is taking too long to access the talent pipeline and is missing out on the hires it needs. Perhaps you are contending with a repeated demand to hire within the same job family.

Talent pooling means adopting a proactive approach that allows you to nurture a warm pool of talent, which reduces the time to hire and increases the opportunity to recruit multiple candidates at no additional cost. Examples of talent pooling projects include:

  • Building talent pools
  • Multiple hires in the same job family
  • Succession planning
  • Proactive recruitment
  • Ongoing candidate engagement

Talent research

When you have an immediate need to fill an existing vacancy or a new role has been created within the business, you need to make sure no stone is left unturned in ensuring the right candidate comes through the talent pipeline. The same goes for recruitment at senior levels, or for roles with specialist skillsets. Detailed, comprehensive talent research is needed and example projects include:

  • Talent mapping
  • Niche talent identification
  • Benchmarking talent
  • Confidential engagement
  • Problem solving

How talent intelligence can benefit you

We believe our talent intelligence service can help your organisation unlock its full potential. Our joined-up approach of talent insights, pooling and research offers you and your business plenty of advantages, including:

  • Identify ways to be more efficient: Our aim is to help you reach your targeted talent pool more quickly, proactively and efficiently. We identify smarter ways to reduce costs without compromising performance.
  • Make informed, intelligent decisions: We help our clients to make decisions based on detailed data and analysis, which is then adapted to your organisation’s context.
  • Challenge your thinking: We challenge you to rethink the way you engage the talent pipeline and to adopt innovative strategies by provision fresh perspective on your organisation’s vision.

We will work with you to ensure your talent strategy is aligned to your organisation’s objectives.  

A trusted partner

We're a trusted talent partner to many major UK and international organisations - from FTSE100 organisations through to SMEs, we’ve helped business better understand their challenges and opportunities to make more informed decisions.

Why choose us?

  • Experience: Our team has worked within talent intelligence, insight, research and pooling for more than 25 years.
  • Vision: We challenge you to rethink the way you engage the talent pipeline.
  • Global reach: We have a proven track record of applying our methodology to projects on a worldwide scale.
  • Cross-sector: We have a wealth of expertise in applying our talent insights, pooling and research across a wide range of industries - we take learnings from other industries and test how they can be applied to yours
  • Niche: We are experts when it comes to scouring the talent pipeline for in-demand and hard-to-find skill sets.
  • Proven: We can point to several success stories as evidence that our approach is effective. 96% of our clients say they would recommend or highly recommend us.
  • Agile: We work flexibly with our clients as an extension of their team, and we'll change direction and adapt the methodology when required.
  • Tailored: We provide an approach which is bespoke to you through detailed research, not as a generic offer.

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