Leadership lessons from President Zelenskyy

Doug Baird | 7 May 2022

Doug Baird explores exactly what make President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a strong and compelling leader and what business leaders can learn from his unique leadership style…

Zelensky is the perfect example of the power of leading from the front. There’s no ivy tower or preaching from a podium. Quite simply, he walks the talk. Leaders who bark orders whilst keeping their own hands clean, will often fail to rally the support of their team or achieve the outcomes they are working towards. Worse still, leaders who give orders then proceed to do the opposite themselves may even find themselves dealing with a rebellion. His ability to lead by example is nothing short of a master class in building trust and being viewed as an authentic leader.

He is also an extremely skilled communicator. With his former career as a comedian, in some ways he’s been inadvertently preparing for this his whole life. As a comedian, he knows how to craft and deliver a message to effectively drive an outcome. He uses simple, emotive language that connects him with people whilst maintaining humility in his own ability. It translates in an authentic way that allows him to retain the trust and faith people have in his ability to lead.

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