How companies can attract talent in 2022?

Doug Baird | 13 December 2021

The war for talent rumbles on. As we head into the new year CEO Doug Baird takes a look at how companies can appeal to people considering changing careers in 2022.


How can employers stand out – and how important is company reputation? 

“Reputation is becoming more and more powerful in differentiating companies and attracting the best talent. People are increasingly concerned about issues such as sustainability, mental well-being and behaving ethically. They want to work for companies that share their values and it’s crucial that businesses are known for encouraging progressive cultures that are very people and planet orientated.

“Ensuring leadership practices embrace these values is pivotal to building corporate reputations that are credible and resonate with ever more discerning professionals.”


How can HR professionals offer workers what they want? 

“Understanding what’s driving talent retention is a good starting point for developing compelling recruitment strategies. By working with senior leaders and existing employees, HR can really hone in on employee motivations and get straight answers to the key question ‘why would I want to work for this organisation?’.

“This can inspire new opportunities and address challenges to ensure talent strategies are relevant. It can mean that HR doesn’t have to second-guess employee benefits and can develop roles and employment terms that employees really appreciate and value.”


How important is company purpose – and how can companies ensure that this is visible to job hunters? 

“Company purpose and success are becoming interchangeable for professionals. A person’s interest, confidence and excitement about a job role will be influenced just as much by what an organisation stands for, as its history, employer reputation, employee benefits and financial performance.

“If organisations want their purpose to be easily visible, it must sit at the heart of their business strategy and rank as a high-ranking priority for leadership. Senior leaders can make corporate purpose an authentic part of day-to-day decision making and ways of working, which it essentially should be. Embracing a sense of purpose in this way will mean it naturally manifests itself in how an organisation acts, making it clear for everyone to easily see.”

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