Delivering leadership assessment & hiring (from home)

Leadership assessment in the housing sector

Unexpected factors can sometimes affect an executive search exercise. A candidate might get stranded on holiday for a few days. Freak weather can disrupt the transport system. There’s a hold up in such cases, yet the process rarely gets delayed for long.

But how do you keep things moving under lockdown conditions? And how do you run a credible c-suite assessment when nobody can meet candidates face to face? The NSCG team rose to the challenge when a social housing provider needed a new leader in place without delay.

  • Cultural fit is critical in a leadership role and can still be assessed in lockdown
  • Using a wide of range tools is extremely valuable in assessments for key roles
  • Keeping the momentum going in a recruitment process benefits all parties

“NSCG really took the time to understand exactly the type of person we were looking for, digging way beyond the job description and person spec. The shortlist was exceptionally strong, with a broad range of experience across the diverse candidates and gave us the luxury of more than one appointable candidate.”

Sarah ShawDirector of HomesCare & Community

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