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Shaping an agile & flexible workforce for tomorrow

As we head into a post-pandemic economy, what are your needs going forward? Do new projects need anchoring or headcounts need adjusting? With a new business landscape to adjust to, the need for agility in the workforce is greater than ever before, and that’s where our expertise comes in.

We can help you implement a flexible workforce strategy that will safeguard your business today, as well as futureproof your talent management and resourcing.

Our complete agile strategic workforce planning service gives you the opportunity to fill critical roles at speed and at a fraction of the cost of alternative approaches. Perfect for new projects or unexpected spikes in hiring demand, our flexible workforce solutions act as an extension of your internal talent teams. Crucially, we can scale these teams up or down rapidly in response to operational demand. 

Moreover, we understand how to navigate the legislative and performance risks in engaging and deploying both permanent and contingent talent. You can have total confidence in compliance and the ability of our hires to deliver.  

Our agile talent solutions division was formerly BrightPool. Log in to your existing BrightPool account here.

What is a flexible workforce?

What does it mean when we talk about the need for agility in the workforce? In simple terms, a flexible workforce describes employing a team that changes as your requirements do, thus providing your business with a fluid staffing solution that remains optimal through changes in output.

Agile workforce planning can mean different things for different organisations, but fundamentally it is based on hiring temporary staff to respond to spikes in demand. This can mean hiring any number of full-time, part-time and temporary employees within certain time parameters as per your requirements.

Our role in agile strategic workforce planning is to deliver palpable, responsive and comprehensive staffing solutions, particularly at the leadership level, to your business.

What are the benefits of a flexible workforce?

The business landscape is changing before our very eyes. Employers across the workplace face staffing challenges based not only on larger questions of automation and digitisation, but also the ways in which the pandemic has altered the way in which many businesses operate.

  • Respond to demand effectively: The peaks and troughs of your business calendar are often predictable, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances can make them less so. A flexible workforce enables you to be proactive and respond effectively.
  • Maximise resources and limit spend: By modifying your staffing capacity appropriately and only incorporating skilled talent where it is truly required, you have the potential to drastically reduce your overheads.
  • Enhance employee productivity: By employing skilled talent exclusively in necessary periods of work, with no down time, you create a focused team that understands individual roles and the expectations ahead.
  • Tap into a larger talent pool: The employee landscape is changing too, and with more people looking to work on more flexible terms, the adoption of a flexible workforce enables you to find talent that wouldn’t be available on a permanent, full-time basis.

What agile workforce solutions do we provide?

The complexities of agile strategic workforce planning differ widely from organisation to organisation. Our flexible workforce solutions are highly diversified in their nature in order to meet the unique demands of each of our clients. Our efforts are always tailored to the client in question but can be categorised into four broader service areas.

Permanent & contract volume resourcing

Our volume resourcing solutions provide a rapid short-term increase in capacity – for non-forecasted demand and to support change programmes or project delivery.  

We take on assignments both as one-off projects or as part of an ongoing approved/preferred supplier relationship. Our flexible workforce solutions are individually shaped and feature a mix of engagement models, including permanent employees, fixed-term contractors, PAYE/umbrella workers, PSC/Ltd company contractors. We also offer statement of work consultancy to improve the outputs and ROI of contractors.

Project recruitment

Project recruitment is our dedicated flexible workforce strategy offering to support one-off client project delivery or a non-recurring requirement. It’s an ideal, flexible solution for situations like the launch of a new product or when short-term expertise is required during mergers, acquisitions or other business events. We augment existing talent acquisition and resourcing teams acting as an extension of your brand for both permanent and non-permanent hiring. 

Flexible workforce talent solutions 

To add greater value, we provide strategic solutions to solve specific client requests – such as increasing candidate supply, increasing candidate quality and reducing both time-to-hire/deployment, and time-to-revenue and productivity.

Talent pipelining & candidate nurturing

We’re specialists in candidate nurture campaigns and offer virtual bench pipelining as a service. Our team build creative strategies to engage and develop candidate relationships – amplifying your employer brand to gain high levels of commitment to your opportunities. Building on our best-in-class recruiting infrastructure, we can ultimately create ‘walled garden’ sources of pre-qualified talent for your business. 

With data security increasingly under the spotlight, we also offer a candidate database cleansing service to strength your compliance processes and reduce GDPR-linked risk.

Why choose us?

  • Insight - we harness data and market intelligence to help you strike the right balance in building blended workforces  
  • Speed and agility - we source and deploy teams at speed, for new projects big and small – and to respond to spikes in demand
  • Outcome-focus - we deploy talent with a focus on the results that need to be delivered, not simply the roles that have to be performed         
  • Flexibility - in an unpredictable world, we can help you build genuine flexibility into your workforce, through innovative new engagement models
  • Candidate quality - our expertise in attraction, assessment and candidate management increases quality of hire
  • Compliance - we are specialists in mitigating risk and ensuring compliance to the changing regulatory landscape

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