London HR Connection in partnership with NSCG

London HR Connection in partnership with NSCG would like to invite you to this upcoming event for HRD professionals.

WHEN: 18:00-21:00 (BST), Tuesday, 23rd April 2024
LOCATION: NSCG's London office,
Level 15, 1 Angel Court,

About the event

We've all danced to the tune of a bad boss at some point in our careers. Their impact reverberates beyond the corner office, casting a pall over the entire workplace. From shattered morale to stifled innovation, the effects are unmistakable. More than ever, we need to remember that adversity breeds resilience.

On the night, our key speaker is Debra Corey: Consultant, Speaker, and Author, Leading the HR Rebelution (in association with Reward Gateway). The topic for discussion:

How to stop your bad bosses from ruining lives
With 99.6% of people saying they've had a bad boss, there's no denying that we have a problem. In this session we'll dig deeper into this, introducing you to 10 types of bad bosses that exist in the workplace, and some of the traps and consequences of these bad actions and behaviours. We'll then move into solution mode, sharing with you The Great Boss Building Block™ Model which includes 14 building blocks to help your bosses enrich and not ruin lives.

We will also hear from NSCG's Managing Partner, Roger Philby, on:

How can leaders re-engage the least engaged workforce in history?
Using data from NSCG’s 20 years of research and work with leadership teams in some of the most ambitious Global organisations, Roger will illustrate the behaviours that are preventing leaders from engaging, the most disengaged workforce in history (according to Gallup), and what they should start doing tomorrow to turn the engagement tide and improve their organisational performance.

We do hope that you can join us for this interesting and fun event.

Drinks and nibbles will be provided. Please register via the registration form and specify any dietary requirements.


About the speakers


Debra CorEY Roger Philby
Debra has spent 20+ years as an award-winning and respected HR leader, now providing keynotes and leadership workshops/training to inspire and help organisations get their HR strategies, initiatives and culture right.

Debra is a champion and leader of the HR rebelution, driving change to make a better workplace (and world), one where our people can be themselves, feel valued and appreciated, and ultimately do their best work.

Her new book Bad Bosses Ruin Lives, she helps bosses to understand what their bad boss traits are (since we all have them), and then take actions to enrich people's lives through our Great Boss Building Block Model™.

Roger Philby is a Managing Partner at NSCG, dedicating the past twenty years to enhancing the performance of the world's most forward-thinking organisations, by pioneering innovative approaches to talent.

As the original architect of NSCG's Intellectual Property, which predicts human performance in global powerhouses like Experian, JPMC, WPP, Roche, and AWS, Philby spearheads an organisation at the vanguard of redefining how organisations approach leadership capability development. His team of scientists, technologists and consultants have won 61 Global Awards for Innovation in Talent.