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Organisations facing change and disruption is inevitable. And needed. Customer, employee, investor, and society expectations are in constant flux and only organisations that adapt and evolve will get ahead and stay there.

Change is a certainty. Getting it right isn’t. That’s where we come in. Our experts guide leaders to create the best conditions for their people to thrive. Building optimal structures, processes and culture helps your people to succeed and your organisation to successfully achieve its mission.

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When organisation advisory can help

Our clients are as varied as the challenges they're facing. Regardless or size, sector, or specialism, they come to us when they need to:

Understand and address "red flags" in their people and business metrics that may be acting as a drag on performance.
Anticipate or are already running into capability gaps that will hinder transformation.
Reveal what's underneath performance issues. And then take steps to solve them.
Make sure their culture fosters habits, attitudes and behaviours that align with statutory and regulatory requirements.
Address concerns about systematic talent development in the business.
Create and sustain a culture that learns, evolves, and responds to the challenges the organisation faces. A culture that embraces change rather than ignores or fears it.
Make sure their structures reflect the way the organisation needs to operate, with the right people with the right skills and behaviours with the right accountabilities in the right roles. Particularly important when there is a change in strategy, M&A or divesting activity or planned organisation restructuring.

Our organisation advisory services


We help leaders to develop a meaningful and engaging picture of the future- one which serves to commit people to the cause whilst aligning strategies, structures and people processes. We can help with:

  • Purpose and vision
  • Leadership development
  • Organisation design and Target Operating Model (TOM)



We understand the impact of change and work with organisations to create the conditions where people can thrive through transformational change. We can help with

  • Transformation and change management
  • Change strategy
  • Change capability


We work with leaders to create the right performance culture that enables people to feel secure and have a sense of belonging in their roles. We identify and articulate  behavioural expectations which increase individual fulfilment and engagement. We can help with:

  • Culture assessment
  • Culture change strategy
  • Influencing culture



We work with leaders to develop talent strategies- strategies that are underpinned by data insights that identify what is really needed today and tomorrow. We build high-impact employee value propositions that help attract and retain the right people. We can help with:

  • Talent insights
  • Talent strategy
  • Employee lifecycle

Why choose us for organisation advisory?

We stand alongside you and treat your challenges as our challenges. We're hungry to make a difference and give our all to make you shine.

We dig beneath the surface of organisations to really understand the issue at hand. We then handpick a team of experts who co-design, develop and implement tailored solutions that power team and organisation performance.



WE're a safe pair of hands, but we'll never play it safe
Our team have decades of experience in solving people and organisation problems. This gives us the confidence to challenge when we need to – never settling for the quick fix if there’s a better way or bigger problem to solve.

WE don't believe in "off the shelf"
We know every organisation is different. And that means every solution needs to be different too.  No quick fixes. No off-the-shelf plans. Not an identikit solution in sight. Just tailored solutions that work and make a difference.

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