Impact and sustainable change celebrated at NSCG Interim Awards

19 March 2024

Driving ‘sustainable change’, delivering ‘outstanding results’, providing ‘fresh, outside the box thinking’, generating ‘commercial and operational value’. These are just some of the comments made by our panel of judges at the inaugural NSCG Interim Awards, which are designed to recognise and celebrate excellence in interim management. The winners have all excelled in their individual fields, but the most consistent and compelling theme to emerge across all entries was the impact each person has made and their ability to affect change.

The judges – who included Gordon Pitman, Chief Human Resources Officer at GKN Aerospace, Charles Stuart, Secretary at the Institute of Interim Management, and Tunde Hilton, founder and Managing Director at Connex Leadership Networks – were overwhelmed by the impact each person has made in their respective businesses and the innovation, creativity, and groundbreaking ideas that were demonstrated. So what did they have to say?


Best in Private Sector – winner Glynn Thomas

The judges felt that Glynn was a standout winner in this category. The adaptability he has demonstrated in a very challenging sector, to gain key stakeholder buy-in and ensure delivery of results for his client, was heavily recognised. As was the magnitude of the impact he had in generating commercial and operational value in such a short space of time.

Best in Public Sector – winner Eve Mitchell

Judging this category proved to be quite difficult and the judges deliberated for a while on two specific entries that they felt both deserved to win. Ultimately the judges chose Eve Mitchell, stating that her entry highlighted some amazing work and they were very struck by the outcomes Eve has managed to achieve for her client(s) and, even more so, by the sustainable programme of change and tools Eve has left the organisation with.

Change Leader of the Year – winner Jackie Mitchell

Judges were impressed by Jackie’s entry and found it ticked all the boxes. It was clear to see the impact Jackie had on output across client functions, which resulted in real change throughout the organisation. The sustainable change was a real highlight for judges, as well as Jackie’s noted desire to support leadership in ensuring it was embedded.

Long-Term Achievement – winner Craig Dean

Judges felt that Craig’s entry was very strong and highlighted his longevity as an interim manager. Having worked on multiple projects across multiple functions for the same clients over multiple years, it clearly demonstrated Craig is not only liked by the clients he works with, but has the adaptive skillset required to deliver outstanding results.

Most Innovative – winner Joff Musson

The judges were impressed by this nomination, as it evidenced Joff’s expertise within the sector, alongside his financial acumen and drive for operational efficiency. It’s clear that Joff’s fresh, outside the box thinking has allowed him to deliver great outcomes and results for clients.

Newcomer of the Year – winner Paul Woodham

Judge’s enjoyed learning about how Paul has transferred his 30+ years of public and private sector experience to the interim marketplace. Paul demonstrated the ability to embed quickly, affect change, provide expert insight into the client’s situation, and execute a strategy at pace that delivered financial and people outcomes the organisation desired.


What is clear from all the entries and winners in the first NSCG Interim Awards is the undeniable impact that interim managers have on the business community. As the latest data from the Institute of Interim Management (IIM) shows us, the biggest reason for bringing an interim manager onboard is to enact change or transformation (39%) and, in the words of the IIM, “interim practitioners are used in situations where the client organisation needs access to skills and expertise that will meaningfully enhance their capability”. Therefore, “the need for highly experienced, agile and focused interim talent is likely to grow.”

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