Identifying & inspiring future leaders

Leadership development in FMCG

In the increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous commercial landscape, organisations need leaders capable of building great teams and delivering sustainable results.

We worked with a major global manufacturer to deliver a stronger internal talent pipeline – through an innovative approach to programme design.

The introduction of leading-edge talent centres is a key feature of the strategy. Known internally as future leader development programmes, these events benchmark potential rising stars and directly support their development – while the programme outputs feed into individually tailored development plans.

  • Successful talent pipelining based on sophisticated measurement & benchmarking
  • Innovative, engaging talent centre events designed to inspire rising stars
  • Mutual programme co-creation ensures alignment to business goals & stronger ROI

“This approach has been a focal point for calibrating and accelerating our talent through the organisation. The team demonstrated a high level of understanding of our business and our talent challenges and were both pragmatic and innovative in designing and delivering a programme that we are all proud of.”

Head of Organisational Capability

Global FMCG business

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