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Leadership development

Retain and promote talent with our leadership development tools

With over four decades of experience, we have the skills and knowledge to help nurture your top talent. Our leadership development programme has been designed to give your leaders the skills they need to drive lasting transformational change in your organisation.

Any organisation looking to recruit, promote, develop and retain talent must implement an effective and efficient leadership development programme. But this isn’t always an easy task. That’s where our experts come in, offering the skills and know-how to nurture the leaders of the future. Through in-depth interviews, simulations and progressive assessment techniques, we build a strong understanding of each leader’s aspirations, skills, personality and values.

We’ve developed this approach because we understand how leaders are shaped by their experiences, their environment, their mentors and their role models. Drawing on behavioural science, sophisticated use of benchmarking and assessment data, we then tailor our interventions to develop more rounded, higher-achieving top talent. Crucially, our leadership development programme equips people with the capabilities and skills to thrive in an unpredictable new world of work.

A leadership development team with a difference

Formerly part of Wickland Westcott, our leadership development team was established more than 40 years ago. Over the decades, we’ve partnered with many top-tier organisations to develop over 10,000 leaders and executives. We have a track record of success, with 96% of our clients saying they would recommend or highly recommend us.

Our team will work closely with you to understand the goals and outcomes you want to achieve as an organisation. This allows us to implement an effective leadership development programme that equips your top talent with the skills and tools they need to succeed in their role. Our approach gives your leaders a higher chance of success by aligning their leadership techniques with your values and culture.

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Leadership development services

High-potential development

We partner with organisations to identify and develop their next generation of leaders, ensuring a strong talent pipeline for the future. Gaining access to these individuals at an early stage in their career means we can help them take ownership for developing their leadership skills and understand how to maximise their experiences and learning opportunities.

Leadership model design

As part of our leadership development programme, we work with organisations to understand their challenges and future business direction. This helps us to define the requirements of leaders to make sure they deliver business success. We create leadership models and competency frameworks that are tailored to each organisation, yet validated by our global research and data on high-performance leadership.


Our proprietary database contains anonymous information on over 4,000 executives and is updated every month. We leverage this data to provide clients with a relevant norm against which we can compare individual leaders or combined leadership populations. Benchmarks can be built into individual participant reports as well as organisational analysis. This offers an additional lens through which we can identify potential gaps against the wider market and risks to future success.

Board effectiveness

Rather than regarding it as a necessary compliance obligation, it’s important that boards obtain real value from their evaluation process. We use robust and innovative approaches to produce genuine insight, fresh perspective and actionable outcomes. Our goal is to conduct an honest evaluation, using our psychological expertise to listen deeply and to observe the real tone, fabric and rhythm of each board we advise.

Executive coaching for success

At New Street Consulting Group, we’re passionate about coaching and believe in helping individuals at their very best. By applying our psychological understanding, commercial insight and leadership development experience, we provide the support people need to bring their own unique blend of talents to life. Our strength lies in the breadth of experienced coaches we have available and the commercial focus they possess. 

“The board development workshops with Wickland Westcott at New Street Consulting Group have been engaging, exciting and exhausting...and, one of the best things we have done this year.”


Team development services

Sustain team coaching

To achieve sustainable high performance, most teams need a deep form of support. Our sustain programme is designed to deliver this. It builds on initial team development acidity with an ongoing programme of team coaching that embeds positive behaviours as habits.

Team coaching programmes typically involve a total of six three-hour practical development sessions, underpinned by observation, challenge and feedback. Each session is focused on providing team and leadership development tools and exercises that the team can immediately apply to improve performance.


Fast-track team development

Fast-track is specifically designed to accelerate team development through the deployment of a single offsite workshop event. The workshop is modular so that the agenda can be tailored to different teams. Developed through our work with hundreds of teams and drawing on leading research regarding team development, fast-track focuses on building trust, developing buy-in to shared goals and the creation of a common team identity.

Impact facilitation

Impact facilitation provides teams with the benefit of commercially experienced facilitators who are trained in the psychology of teams. They can help teams to acknowledge shared goals and maintain the right pace of discussions to maximise productivity. Facilitation can be provided to support a one-off session, or it can form a regular programme of support.

Why choose us for your leadership development needs?

With decades of experience and know-how, our team have the leadership development tools to realise the potential and capabilities of your workforce. We understand that success markers will vary across different organisations – which is why we’ll work with you to create tailored solutions in line with your business goals.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing us for your leadership development requirements:

  • Board & executive team review - gain detailed insight into your leadership capacity and their potential to perform 
  • Bespoke solutions - tailored packages of coaching, leadership development programmes, team events and individualised learning  
  • Mentors - access to experienced leaders who encourage self-reflection and personal awareness 
  • Improvement – help your talent with developing leadership skills to close the performance gap between where they are now and where you want them to be
  • Retention - ensure high-achieving potential leaders remain in your business, without seeking advancement elsewhere 
  • Succession planning - foster the talent in your succession pipeline and provide leadership development training to get them ready to join senior management or the c-suite  
  • Team development – provide interventions to build focus, cohesion, confidence, energy and performance

Leadership assessment for partnership

We help you to see the whole picture for developing and hiring the partners of tomorrow. Learn more about our assessment services for partner programmes in professional services.

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“Wickland Westcott at New Street Consulting Group has been instrumental in the identification and development of our leadership talent for our organisational transformation programme. It has been a key contributor to the renewal of The Co-op, providing insight and expertise to myself and my team.”


Get ready for IR35

With changes to the IR35 legislation hitting the private sector in April 2021, now is the time to ensure you're fully prepared so that the changes are implemented smoothly. Learn more about our IR35 compliance managed service for businesses engaging volume contractors and service providers.

Explore our industry sector experience

Our consultants, specialists, interims and candidates offer a huge amount of expertise across both the public and private sectors. Whether you operate in manufacturing, healthcare, housing, private equity or otherwise, our team can provide the support your leaders need to successfully navigate your industry.

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