Jamie Bird

Jamie Bird


My role as a consultant in our leadership consulting practice is to manage the design and end-to-end delivery of bespoke high-impact engagements that deliver measurable improvements to organisational performance.

What experience and expertise do you bring to your role?

I have over 5 years of consulting experience across sectors that include Financial Services, Professional Services, Transportation and TMT. Within these sectors, I specialise in projects that enhance the selection capabilities of my clients with an emphasis on project management, data analysis and insight creation.

Ultimately, I use a combination of organisational psychology, behavioural science, data analytics, and industry knowledge to deliver data driven and actionable recommendations that drive improved performance and engagement among teams.

How are you helping people to achieve their full potential?

At NSCG, our purpose is to give everyone the opportunity to be brilliant at work. I believe the best way to help others have this opportunity is by making our own people brilliant. One of the favourite aspects of my role is the opportunity it gives me to coach, mentor and support others.

That being said, I have also had the opportunity to contribute to the development of clients through individual coaching sessions and targeted development programmes where data enables me to focus conversations on the areas that will have critical and measurable impacts on both individual and organisational performance.

What do you enjoy outside of work? Any hobbies? 

Growing up in South Africa has given me a great appreciation for the outdoors and wildlife conservation, and is one of the key reasons that I studied biology at university. However my biggest hobby is sport in all its forms, you’ll find me playing football in the winter, cricket in the summer and golf in between! Whenever I am not playing, I am watching whatever sport is on the closest TV!

What’s your go-to productivity trick? 

Coming into the office, it helps me to have a gap between home and work which enables me to enter work mode and hyper-focus on tasks throughout the day.

How do you prefer to start your day? 

Recently I have been trying to refrain from using the snooze button and get to the gym before work.

What was your first job? 

Technical Sales and Marketing Intern at Agilent Technologies. My role required me to assist salespeople by liaising with their customers, producing proposals and processing orders. I also supported the marketing team by confirming leads as well as organising and running conferences. What motivated me most about this role was having an impact on customers and our sales team’s success.