Gemma Bradbury

Gemma Bradbury


I am a partner in the Leadership Consulting team at NSCG.

What experience and expertise do you bring to your role?

Experience from a variety of people and change roles prior to joining NSCG, across logistics and insurance industries. Since being at NCSG, have developed more expertise in data-led talent decision-making across executive profiling, recruitment, team effectiveness, capability development, spotting and predicting potential and equipping businesses with a baseline view of their talent – both with clients and through go-to-market partnerships.

How are you helping people to achieve their full potential?

Through enabling leaders to use the right data to make their most critical people decisions, and distil what’s often a ‘feeling’ or a ‘hunch’ about talent into something tangible and meaningful.

What do you enjoy outside of work? Any hobbies? 

You will find me on the golf course!

What’s your go-to productivity trick? 

Breaking up the day with something active, or early starts – I am an early bird!

How do you prefer to start your day? 

A walk, strong coffee and listening to a great podcast. (At the weekend, on the golf course!)