Alexandra Othen-Schofield

Alexandra Othen-Schofield


I am a Partner within the Leadership Consulting team at NSCG.

What experience and expertise do you bring to your role?

I’ve spent my career supporting ambitious leaders of large global organisations to transform the performance of their people and in turn their business. I’ve worked across the end-to-end people agenda, but what really excites me is helping leaders to unlock data-driven insight to catalyse action and create meaningful and lasting impact. I’ve had the privilege of working extensively overseas, with a primary focus on FMCG and Life Sciences. I am a CIPD Level 5 and Hogan accredited practitioner with a Masters in HR Management and extensive experience as an NSCG Chemistry behavioural profiler.

What do you enjoy outside of work? Any hobbies? 

Living in North Yorkshire, I love nothing more than getting out into the Dales for a long muddy walk. I also enjoy good food, good wine and spending time with friends and family.

What’s your go-to productivity trick? 

The “pomodoro technique” – if you don’t know it, look it up! It really helps me to focus and work in flow, distraction free.

What’s the best advice you were ever given? 

“Life is too short to be anything but happy”.