Return on Interim

We deliver a new ROI- a Return on Interim

We know that finding the right interim leader is only the start. Good outcomes are not enough. Great outcomes are what you need.

Our unique ROI methodology and accompanying app helps you to determine what great looks like and lets you monitor and quantify the value the interim leader delivers throughout their assignment.

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Key features

  • The Return on Interim® app is an easy-to-use cloud-based tool that you can access whenever and however you like.
  • Performance data is presented in easy-to-understand charts and timesheets and compliance information is integrated and always up to date.

The benefit to you

Visibility: You can view and track real-time individual progress and performance for each project at any time and gain an oversight of all of your interim assignments with us.

Higher performance: Our real-time data lets you quickly spot and redeploy top performers. In the same way underperformance is swiftly put under the spotlight so you can take remedial action fast.

Return on Interims: Our approach and app give you the visibility and insight you need to truly measure your Return on Interim.

How it works

Step 1: Defining success
We start with the end in mind and focus on what you want to achieve from the assignment. We work with you to understand the difference between a good and a great outcome to really define what success looks like.

Step 2: Finding the right interim
Once we know what is needed, we leave no stone unturned to find the right interim for you. Our tried and trusted network of interim leaders are highly motivated to take on and deliver great projects because of the higher returns, accreditation and recognition of exceptional performance that our ROI methodology provides. The result? A bigger impact for them. And for you.

Step 3: Measuring and monitoring
We review milestones and objectives from day 1 to make sure we’re on track for success. Our Return on Interim® app gives you a real-time view of all of your interim assignments so you can check-in and see the performance at any time.

Step 4: Reviewing results
At the end of an assignment we review the project and provide you with a detailed report showing the key outcomes, the value delivered and ideas on what else could be done to give you further gains.

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