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Harnessing the potential of an agile workforce (On Demand)

Do you have the operating model and leadership skills to embrace the future world of work?

Join speakers Ian Wright, CEO of the Disruptive Innovators Network and Colin Mercer, Director of Talent Consulting at NSCG to explore how housing associations can put themselves in the best possible position to lead an agile, productive and engaged workforce, that is ultimately motivated to delight the customer?

  • What can we learn from businesses that made this shift years ago?
  • What new skills do housing associations need?
  • What behaviours do they need to unlearn?

And we will address the elephant in the room: how do we help ‘command and control’ style leaders to make this sometimes painful shift?

About the speakers

Ian Wright is the founder and CEO of the Disruptive Innovators Network and has worked at a senior executive level as a director/deputy CEO for the last 15 years, most recently at HouseMark. His expertise lies in building cross-sector business experience programmes and leaders’ networks. He led on the establishment of the social housing sector’s first crowd funded start-up accelerator, Evolve, which attracted over 80 submissions from start-ups across the world wanting to develop solutions for social housing.

He is currently retained by a number of the largest housing providers helping them to build capacity and capability in the innovation space to take advantage of the opportunities that disruption brings.

Colin Mercer is director of our talent consulting and assessment team at NSCG where he works with organisations to identify, assess, develop and coach their people, and works with executive teams and main boards to enhance their effectiveness. His role often involves the assessment of management teams as part of pre-acquisition due diligence projects. Colin has over 25 years experience and has learnt from many great organisations as part of his role.

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