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John Milsom

My role

Associate Director

I am an associate director within NSCG’s leadership talent consulting business. I specialise in the assessment and development of leaders and leadership teams. I also support governance and innovation across the team to ensure our consultants provide high-quality, market-leading solutions that deliver results.

About me heading

John Milsom 840X530 John Milsom 840X530

“In the talented future... the world will be a fairer, healthier and happier place.”

I have been consulting within the field of business psychology, talent, leadership and coaching for 25 years, focussing more recently on working with CEOs, directors and high-potential leaders. As a chartered occupational psychologist and executive coach, I also combine my commercial experience with a knowledge of behavioural science.

As well as working with c-suite individuals, I have particular experience in the facilitation and development of senior teams. My clients tell me that they appreciate my ability to develop creative solutions that deliver practical results, along with the care, insight and professionalism which I bring to my work.

I operate across a variety of sectors and have long-standing relationships with market-leading organisations within retail, finance, defence, transport, and FMCG, as well as within key areas of the public sector. I have led many extensive assessment, development and transformation projects, supporting organisations through restructures and culture change.

Although I enjoy many aspects of my work, there are two elements that I am most passionate about. Firstly, I love the chance to work alongside clients in a way that makes a material difference to individuals and the organisations they are leading. Often this means working in partnership over extended periods, but at other times it can also involve much shorter assignments. Trust, integrity, quality, partnership and value are my watch words here. Secondly, I love the chance to innovate and solve problems with my clients. This draws on my analytical and creative nature. There is always a better way, and no two assignments (or clients) are the same . The bigger the challenge the better.

My favourite pastimes

  • Outside work, the most important things to me are family and friends,
  • Sport (sailing, cycling, skiing, football, rugby) and
  • Rock music.
Skiing Male
Playing Guitar