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Sian Collister


Sian Collister

My role

Marketing Manager

I am the marketing manager at NSCG working across all service lines. I am responsible for creating and implementing marketing activity to support the group’s commercial objectives.

About me heading

Sian Collister Sian Collister

With over eight years’ experience both in-house and in-agency, I have developed a strong multi-channel skillset and knowledge across a range of sectors. As a broad marketeer, this includes everything from devising strategies to copywriting and everything in between.

In promoting NSCG’s service lines, we are educating clients and leads on the various way NSCG can help them achieve more and reach their full potential. Additionally, the marketing department provides support for the whole NSCG team to help them excel in their roles.

I am a bit of a podcast nerd and will typically listen to a few hours a day, whether that’s when I’m commuting, going on a long walk along the river or as I’m going to sleep.  My current favourites are:

  • How to Fail by Elizabeth Day – I’m sure everyone’s heard of Elizabeth Day’s podcast by now, but it is such a fantastic concept I couldn’t not mention it. Each week a new guest talks through what their biggest failures taught them about how to succeed better.
  • The Doctor’s Kitchen – I’ve recently become fascinated with the impact food can have on our bodies. This podcast explores how different foods impact our health; from disease prevention to mental health, it provides a real 360° view on wellbeing. (Also see the Deliciously Ella podcast)
  • Sheerluxe’s News Round-Up – There are a few news round-ups that I flip-flop between, but I’m currently enjoying Sheerluxe’s round-up which provides 20 minutes of news headlines from the past 24 hours. I’ll typically listen as I’m getting ready for the day ahead.

“Eating the frog”.  If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first. In practice, this means that every morning I look at my to-do list and tackle either the most important task or the task I least want to do first. The benefits are two-fold: your day starts productively and once complete, you can enjoy your day in the knowledge that you’ve completed the task that would have otherwise loomed all day.

“Don’t be too proud to change your mind.” Changing your opinion is often perceived as weakness or to show a lack of conviction in your own views, but if you’re not open to having your opinions challenged, you don’t leave much room for personal growth. This doesn’t mean compromising your values; rather broadening your own understanding of the world by listening to other people’s perspectives – something that’s particularly important nowadays when social media can allow you to live in an echo-chamber.