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Martin BW


Martin Oliver

My role

Finance & operations director

I’m the finance and operations director. I head up the finance, operations and IT functions, managing a team to ensure our systems and support services provide our consultants with the tool they need to serve our clients and deliver an exceptional client experience.

About me heading

Martin BW Martin BW

“In the talented future... organisations in dynamic and disruptive sectors will gain competitive advantage by future-proofing talent, skills and capability - attracting, developing and retaining the best leaders for high performance and success.”

Over 30 years’ experience as a chartered accountant and in various finance, commercial and operations roles. Most of my recent experience has been in the professional services sector.

Working with a talented team of people and encouraging and supporting colleagues to achieve their career aspirations.

My favourite pastimes

  • Running, though given the speed I now go at, some may argue with the description. It provides a wonderful opportunity to switch off and clear your mind.
  • Films, there is no substitute for watching a film on the big screen. Particularly when the whole family are there.
  • Golf, which I find therapeutic and frustrating in equal measure.
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