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Claire Carter

My role


As a director at NSCG, I connect clients with exceptional interim managers that deliver results every time. In my role, I have a panoramic view of both the private and public sectors giving me the ability to connect the right interim to the right organisation at the right time.

I oversee healthcare, housing & local government, education, not-for-profit, retail & leisure, infrastructure and business support services practice teams in Interim Partners. My personal network sits mainly within public sector.

About me heading

Claire Carter Claire Carter

“In the talented future... the organisations at the top of their game will be those who recognise the value in an agile workforce - one that can easily adapt to its changing landscape and one that welcomes external expertise to move the business forward ahead of the competition.”

The networks I’ve developed over the last 20 years enables me to share expertise, ideas and market intel that materially move organisations forward. Clients work with me because I have a successful track record of delivering better outcomes to complex challenges.

My expertise enables clients to experience a fast and reliable service that delivers, they can have confidence in my network and be sure that they are given the highest level of service.

I love all the fascinating people I get to interact with, it’s by far the best part of my job. Through my client meetings I get to talk to different clients about their challenges and the innovative things they’re doing to make their businesses a success. My interim managers provide me with great insight into the problem solving skills that they bring and the experience they have to offer.

My favourite pastimes

  • Food. I have a real passion for cooking and designing my own recipes. I love to host dinner parties for my friends and family and have even started to create my own cook book. You can give me a bag of five items and I can always create something delicious! Ready. Steady. Cook!
  • Running. I qualified as a personal trainer last year and have been using my knowledge to train myself and improve my running ability. I ran the London Marathon a few years ago in just over 4 hours and now my favourite distance to focus on is 10k. I often do informal PT sessions for friends in my free time.
  • Travel. The world is just amazing and I want to see it all. I do my best to reach as many new destinations as I can. I like to try the local cuisine and soak up different cultures. So in summary, I’m a qualified personal trainer, who loves to eat in as many different countries as I can!
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Running Female
Travelling 3