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Benjamin Dalal


Ben Dalal

My role


My role within the asset and wealth management team is to partner with clients to help them obtain the best possible outcomes and return on their investment through the use of the right interim talent solutions. The interim managers that I place have a strong track record of delivering solutions and change, in complex time and budget sensitive environments.

I have a track record of finding the right people that deliver the right solutions in the right way.

About me heading

Benjamin Dalal Benjamin Dalal

I have over a decade of experience in recruiting technology and change interims within the buy side.

I've built a senior hires proposition which has successfuly delivered a number of director and board level appointments which have helped clients define and move forward in their individual journeys.

I have a large, and most importantly diverse network of candidates and clients from within the buy side, and I've helped a range of businesses to deliver a range of projects covering process, platform, culture and products. My ability to quickly and effectively identify and engage the right people is what sets me apart.

My close network of very senior people allows me to draw on their experiences where I might not be able to draw upon my own personal business experiences. Having a philosophy degree has definatly shown me to be a curious and reflective person which I think are key traits when trying to understand people matters.

I help people achieve their best by trying to remove their self-limiting thoughts, whilst also being mindful of what is realistic and achieveable. Rather than volunteering suggestions myself, I find it is much more effective to listen and emphasise and try to ask the right questions that will frame the issues in order to bring about reflection on what it is that is limiting the achievement of full potential.

Although I studied literature at university, I don't read too much. The last book I read was 'Driving over lemons' Like the author, one day I would love to go and live in rural Spain (or Italy).

Wealth is here to stay and it will require trusted managers. When I started to recruit within the space in 2009 I saw significant merger and acquisition activity and that is still very much a theme as is was then as it is today. Fund managers who look to globalise, take advantage of new markets, and economies of scale and pass then pass the savings back to their customers. Companies in this space will have to catch up or specialise and most will have to digitise in order to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive market.

Right now investing in companies is much more in the public eye than ever before. Over recent years we've seen new money entering an old market and as such a new breed of investment products focussing on values around ESG, carbon neutrality, gender diversity at board level, the future world, and sustainability. If the money continues to flow into these areas, everyone will be set to benefit as we look to focus and invest in the restoration and preservation of the natural world.

If in doubt, say nowt. I don't exactly know how many situations this has gotten me out of because I've kept quiet so we will never know exactly how good this advice has been.

My favourite pastimes

  • Cycling - during the recent lockdowns I rekindled my love of cycling and clocked up many kilometers on the bike.
  • Investing - I'm a keen investor and moderate risk taker and enjoy speculating on what the next trends might be.
  • Cooking - On weekends I enjoy a trip to Borough market where I take inspiration from what is seasonal and fresh.